Motivation or Mince Pies? πŸŽ„

Autumn hasn’t been kind to me, running wise. Each time I have tried to start training seriously I’ve been set back, either by turning my ankle (twice) or manthrax (once).

Initially I viewed my first race in 6 months with some trepidation. The Tour de Helvellyn, the weekend before Christmas on the shortest day of the year, is not a run to be taken lightly.

But actually I’ve realised I’m not as unfit as I thought. Walking Mac with Charlie recently, I noticed my 13 year old daughter huffing and puffing up out of the dale while I was breathing evenly and hadn’t even unzipped my coat.

I’ve done several 10-15 mile runs which have been no problem to me, albeit I’m not breaking any speed records.

I’ve got some good experience of being and running in hard conditions and I do have some idea, with all the gear πŸ˜‰

And I’m running Tour de Helvellyn with my boyfriend who is using it as a kit check for the Spine Challenger a few weeks later. So we’re not planning on racing round anyway (we could stop for a jetboil cuppa halfway round perhaps?!).

I often see comments from people on Twitter complaining that they have lost their mojo, a term I hate. If you don’t feel like running then don’t! Is there a reason you don’t want to? Over training? Bored? Or, as we all secretly worry about, are you actually just bone idle and you’ll get fat if you don’t run?!

I think, apart from it being winter and cold and miserable and wet, I’m just bored. Bored of running every day. Bored of having to go out and do a certain mileage every week in order to maintain a super fitness.

So it’s time to shake things up a bit. Do things differently. We do this for pleasure, as a hobby, so it must be fun otherwise there’s no point. My focus is definitely the mountains now. The only racing that excites me next year is in the Lakes and the hope of one or two in the Alps.

But then I have Chicago in October. Again, something completely different that I hope will get me back running after no doubt a lazy summer resting after L100.

If you are struggling at the moment don’t worry! Have a think about what you could change because we can’t keep doing the same thing again and again. And have more confidence in yourself as a runner.

So I’m now very relaxed about it all. Our bodies need rest and I’m happy to give it that over the winter. Many exciting (non-running) plans are happening and I’m quite happy to potter along quietly, just doing enough to keep the mince pies off my hips.

So if you’re stressing about losing your “mojo”, chill man! L100 is my big race for next year and I have several smaller but interesting ones lined up before it for training. Until then? I think I’ll have another mince pie….

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