Ultra-Trail Snowdonia 100km

I am strangely positive about this weekend’s race. Given my poor physical circumstances, it will be a miracle if I get round, but I am excited for it.

Those that know me will know that I am not sandbagging when I say that to finish will be a miracle. The menopause combined with arthritic knees makes training a game of hide and seek. I am constantly seeking the energy needed to train, and the strong knees of three years ago are so well hidden, I’ll never find them.

Despite this, I still have the urge to push myself beyond reasonable limits. I still have a fire in my belly to go for ridiculously long distances.

Very pointy

I feel I should write more about the menopause, but in all honesty I’m sick to death of it. Nothing has really changed in 3 years, despite being on HRT and testosterone, that “magic” formula. I’m still exhausted most of the time. I just live with it now, still in the hope that I’ll pop out the other end, a beautiful and energetic butterfly, past the slug stage (both mental and physical).

It does make me more determined not to be restrained or restricted by it. If I need to hike this race, I bloody well will so long as I can stay ahead of the cut offs. I did a 27 mile recce in February, so I KNOW I can do distance. And I did it within target pace too.

The last time I ran anything over 50k was in 2019 when I did the Fellsman. Doing a silly long race with a silly pointy profile still gets my heart racing and I am excited to test my mental strength against this broken body.

Broken after 26 hours on The Fellsman

Mentally forcing myself to do things is probably what got me into this position in the first place. But I think I have learned some lessons and I have got myself in the best place I can be, to give myself the best chance of finishing. Because there is a faint chance of finishing and that is what I will be chasing on Saturday.

So if you feel like watching the slowest ever dot move across one of the harshest landscapes the UK, then I would welcome your support ❤️

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2 Replies to “Ultra-Trail Snowdonia 100km”

  1. Kate

    I’ve got so much respect for your attitude and general approach to the forthcoming race/event. Will be watching with interest but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t go to plan.


    Bob Bryan -dark peak fell runner

    Robert Bryan BA Hons, Dip TP, MRTPI.
    tel: 07931878617 or 01142307015


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